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Acetaia Giusti is the oldest producer of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, with a proud family history of over four hundred years, starting back at the beginning of the XVII century. Nowadays, it is led by the 17th Giusti generation, embodied by the CEO: Claudio Stefani Giusti. He is able to hand down the untouched family values and the passion tied to a local tradition living through centuries, pursuing his aspiring goals. By virtue of the CEO’s separate strategies and his innovative, yet tangible, future vision, the brand opened four branches (New York, Seoul, Hong Kong and Munich) and achieved significant recognitions and outstanding growth results in recent years.

Thanks to a careful choice of local grapes, the use of precious centenary casks, patient waiting and the brilliant ability of the vinegar master, Giusti Balsamic Vinegars represent the perfect expression of the Modenese black gold. Giusti production now comprises PDO Traditional Balsamic Vinegars, an iconic Historical PGI Collection, refined Reserves, together with innovative flavoured, sweet and sour dressings, mixology and gourmet proposals, fruits of surprising experimentations.

Giusti products are spread all over the world, available in exclusive hotels and restaurants, refined deli shops, and stores such as LaRinascente and Eataly. The brand is involved in national and international events and programs of significance and it has a close online and offline community, with which it shares several initiatives. Among them “Giusti Day”, the company birthday celebrated on May 16th, a date chosen starting from the year of foundation 1605.

Giusti stands out for a strong vocation for hospitality, welcoming thousands of visitors every year at Casa Giusti: a hamlet outside Modena surrounded by the countryside, where guests are guided to the visit of the family Museum, the ancient ageing rooms and a suggestive tasting of the so-called “black gold”. Together with Casa Giusti, Giusti Boutiques in the city centre of Modena, Bologna and Milan also serve as experiential references for high-quality balsamic vinegar, where hospitality combines with the diffusion of tradition and the excellence of Italian cuisine worldwide.


Giuseppe and Francesco Maria Giusti are registered in the ledger of local businesses sought by the Modenese Duke Cesare d’Este. So begins the entrepreneurial history of the Giusti family with a deli shop in Modena city centre. The attic of the charcuterie shop they owned hosted the first casks aging family balsamic vinegars.


Cardinal Barberini grants Giovanni Maria Giusti the right to cross borders to sell his products in Bologna, which was part of the Papal territory.


Giuseppe and Pietro Giusti participate in the Italian Exposition held by the Savoy family with a 90-year-old Balsamic, which was awarded a Gold Medal. This prize-winning reserve reached Florence inside barrel “A3”, which is still proudly kept in the family Museum.


At the Agricultural Exhibition of Modena, Giuseppe Giusti presents the “Giusti Recipe”, the first document describing how to obtain a “Perfect Balsamic Vinegar” and one of the rare written records about the production of this fine dressing.

1873 – 1900

During the so-called Belle Époque, Giuseppe and later Pietro took part in several World Expos, from Paris to Antwerp. The Balsamic Vinegars presented at these fairs obtained merit certificates and medals, achieving resounding success in the European scenario.

Early 1900s

Riccardo Giusti develops the recipe for “3 Gold Medals”, a PGI Balsamic Vinegar made from raisins, with a good texture and pleasant fruity notes. It remains one of the most appreciated products of Giusti Historical Collection.


The Giusti family becomes the official supplier to King Vittorio Emanuele III of Italy and the Savoy Royal House, granting Riccardo Giusti the privilege to use the royal emblem on Giusti Balsamic Vinegars.


Under the guidance of Giuseppe Giusti and his brother-in-law Luciano Stefani, the Acetaia is moved from the attics of the deli shop in the city centre to a countryside cottage just outside Modena, where the Gran Deposito Aceto Balsamico Giuseppe Giusti is located even now.
“Giuseppe” is chosen today as company name and it appears quite often in Giusti family history. It has been handed down from grandfather to grandson, according to the ancient Italian tradition.

2005 – 2023

The Acetaia is passed on to Claudio Stefani Giusti, who, with the support of his cousin Francesca, leads a young team with a “glocal” and flexible approach, focusing on constant and mainly international growth.