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Pollet today :

Pollet is a chemical industry specialized in the research, manufacturing and marketing of maintenance products for the Hygiene and Cleaning markets. The company is a sustainable leader on the Hygiene and Cleaning markets proposing effective, economic and strong high added value solutions. It offers a unique combination of durable high-technological products and customized service for its corporate and individual client’s needs.

Ecology, more than an Ideology

Pollet focuses more specifically on Ecology. In 2012, more than 40% of its production was ecological and the company is aiming for constant progression in the coming years. Its PolGreen range groups the total of the internationally certified products (ECOLABEL, ECOLOGO and GREEN SEAL). Piollet is also pioneers in white Biotechnology (detergent).

For over 20 years, the company does research based on enzymes and beneficial enzymes.
With this expertise, Pollet solves problems that traditional cleaning products cannot solve, while respecting the environment and responding to the needs of both customers and the preservation of our planet ! 

Advanced expertise

Pollet has a team of experts. At the forefront of knowledge in different sectors, they are able to understand the needs of customers in terms of cleaning and hygiene and provide realistic solutions.

Their experience allows solving very specific problems such as some cleaning and protection of highly frequented soil (such as railways station, hypermarket), the problem of odors, industrial degreasing, unclogging drain cold (refrigerator type) and grease traps.

This expertise is mainly implemented in the following sectors: cleaning contractors, retail, professional kitchens and food process industry.

The power pro at home

The known and recognized quality of the Pollet products in the world of Hygiene and Cleaning, has led the company to develop two lines for individual with professional quality. The first,Solarine, is intended for DIY jobs and the second, Savah, for the interior cleaning.

Today, Pollet sells its products on 3 continents through specialized distributors in more than 15 countries including USA, France, Romania, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, ...


In 1763, the son of Leonard-Gilles, takes oath of master, continues salt and soap while developing an oil-mil. He was also "chief magistrate" of Tournaisis states, "man fief on pen" and "master of the poor”. He died prematurely at age 50 and his widow continued the business until his son Simon-Leonard is old enough to succeed him. She leaves the left bank of the Escaud river to settle in the parish of Saint-Brice. This area of ??Tournai will become the stronghold of the family.


Simon-Léonard Pollet, swore an oath in the Chamber of Commerce “to make and to trade in merchandise, as a wholesaler and as a retailer”. Like his father, he was one of the thirty men of that Chamber of Commerce. He was appointed “Master”, then “Senior Fat Seller”, and then “Primary Great Sovereign Senior” in the Chamber of Arts and Trades.


In 1795, he settled in the Saint Brice district of Tournay (family fief) and inaugurated the oil-, soap- and salt-making business.


Raphaël Dominique Pollet (son of Simon-Léonard Pollet) took over and developed the oil- and soap-making factory.


He creates with his son, Raphaël-Norbert, the “Raphaël Pollet et Fils”, the business purpose of which was “the manufacturing of soap and salt, and the purification and trade of oils”. He was appointed Municipal Councilor and then was elected to the Senate on two occasions.


The young Léonard Pollet (Raphaël-Dominique Pollet’s younger son) took over the reins of the company with his mother, Marie-Louise Pollet and later went into business with his brother-in-law, Edmond Cailliau.


Raphaël Pollet, eldest son of Leonard Pollet, invests in new facilities opening a new oils factory oils in Valenciennes and create SICOMAC, a coffee and rubber plantation in the Belgian Congo.


Creation of the company "Etablissements Raphaël Pollet".


Raphaël Pollet set up a second Belgian glycerin installation and develops the business in Belgium Congo.


The bombing did not spare the Tournai factory but Raphaël Pollet decides to restore the operation with a small production of legal soap rationed for the needs of the population.


Michel Pollet takes over after his brother the management of the company. Higly skilled chemist he develops the Pollet range products creating the first liquid soap to be marketed in Belgium (Linpol).


Michel Pollet passed the management of the business to his son-in-law, Antoine D'Hondt in a tough economic environment.


The company becomes a pioneer in biotechnological research for maintenance products. Furthermore, it obtained the first Ecolabel in the maintenance products sector in Belgium.


Building of a new production factory in Tournai (industrial zone of Orcq).


Pollet filed its first patent for an "effervescent biotechnological deodorising pastille".