M. Bruno Bobone

I’m Bruno Bobone, I was born in Lisbon in 1960, and at the age of 33 I assumed the leadership of Pinto Basto Group

Mr. Bobone you are one of the member of the Henokiens Association, could you please present yourself to our readers?

I was born in Lisbon in 1960. Married, with 4 children and 9 grandchildren.
Graduated in Business Management from Universidade Livre in 1984 and at the age of 33 I assumed the leadership of Pinto Basto Group, family business leader in the maritime and logistic services sector.
I was President of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce between 2005 and 2022.
Alongside the presidency of Pinto Basto, I am also President of the Worldwide Christian Entrepreneurs Association (UNIAPAC), President of the General Assembly of Fórum Oceano, and one of the Vice-Presidents of the Economical Confederation of the Portuguese Speaking Countries.

Can you present your company and its activities?

Pinto Basto Group is a portuguese group that anchors its presence in the World in Portugal’s values and cultural tradition. Based on five branches of activity – Logistics, Shipping Agents, Liner Services, P&Is Clubs and International Commerce – Pinto Basto Group offers different services bound by a strong commitment to high quality, rigorousness, excellence and a deep sense of social responsibility. The Group’s driving force is the service rendered to its costumers.

Which have been the outstanding events for your company in the recent years?

In 2002, the beginning of internationalization and the opening of our office in Angola
In 2008, the opening of the office in Madrid and in 2012 in Mozambique.
In 2021, the celebration of the company’s 250th anniversary.
In 2022, the nomination as correspondent in Portugal of all members of the worldwide International Group of Protection and Indemnity Clubs (IG P&I).

Could you give us some indications about your major projects in a medium or long term?

Increase sales and revenue over time through service innovation, expansion into new markets, and improving customer retention; Continue to establish a dominant market position, developing newservices to meet changing customer needs and create new market opportunities; Attract, retain, and develop a talented workforce to drive growth and innovation; embrace technology and digital innovation to enhance customer experience and improve business operations

How can you explain the longevity of your company?

The success and prestige achieved by Pinto Basto Group throughout its history of more than two hundred and fifty years have always been based on one key concept: a pioneering spirit. Ever since its establishment, Pinto Basto has always been in the forefront of the major events that shaped the history and development of Portugal.
Guided by ethical and moral values at management level and maintaining its employees fully motivated and exposed to continuous learning, Pinto Basto has reached an outstanding position in the domestic market both in terms of results, innovating capacity and ability to lead changes in its sector.
And, most important we say that to become a Pinto Basto family member you do not need to be born Pinto Basto you just need to work one day in our company!

Could you say that this extraordinary longevity is an asset in your customer relations?

Absolutely. A company that as been in business for such a long time has proven track record of delivering quality services can inspire trust and confidence in its customers.
Customers feel more comfortable doing business with a company that has a long history of success, and they may be more likely to become repeat customers or recommend the company to others.
However, a long history alone is not enough to ensure strong customer relations. We still need to deliver high-quality services, respond to customer needs and feedback, and adapt to changing market conditions in order to maintain strong relationships with our customers.
We are never in a hurry to be successful. We have time to get there so we can take care of our costumers

Do the traditional values guiding the firm constitute an advantage as regards research and innovation?

Certainly. Pinto Basto has a strong commitment to quality, customer service, and ethical business practices so we invest in research and development to improve our services.
A company with a long history and a deep understanding of its industry have valuable insights and knowledge that can inform its research and innovation efforts, which helps the company identify emerging trends and technologies, as well as anticipate changes in customer needs and preferences.
However, it is also important to be willing to challenge traditional values and embrace new ideas and approaches in order to remain innovative and competitive. In today's rapidly changing business environment, Pinto Basto is willing to adapt to new technologies, customer demands, and market conditions in order to stay relevant and succeed over the long term.

Which are the most important traps, that your company must avoid in order not to loose its independence?

Above all, failing to be faithfull to the principles that govern the company.
Never mistake immediate success with our goals as a company.
Additionally, staying agile, invest in new technologies and infrastructure, manage risks effectively, and maintain a strong reputation are morelikely to maintain independence over the long term.

Did over the centuries the strong will of your family to keep its independence require very difficult decisions?

Sometimes it is necessary to make decisions in order to preserve the viability and independence of the company in the long term. But it was those decisions that allowed us to get to where we are today.
We have always been able to keep the company as na intrinsic part of the family.

Is the transmission of the firm to a family member governed by clearly established rules?

There are no specific rules established. However, it has been our purpose to work to ensure that everything stays in the family, as long as there is will and passion to continue the business and make it grow.
We do promote the best to become the leader and everything we do believe that the family has to be involved in the managing of our company.
For ten generations we have maintained this belief.

Is the new generation already working in the firm?

My daughter Francisca and my son João already work in the company, a desire expressed by them without any imposition from me. They are both members of executive board and they are extremely committed to the business.

Do you have a message to communicate to all those who would like to start their own family business?

Starting a family business can be both rewarding and challenging, but with passion, careful planning, communication, and outside support, it can lead to long-term success and growth.
When you start a family business never forget that you are starting the next Henokien company in the next 200 years.