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Pedrollo Group, located in San Bonifacio near Verona, is recognised as a benchmark in the water pumps industry. Innovation, quality, service, professionalism, internalization and its business model, along with commitment to social responsibility, are the foundations of its long-established reputation.

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The company, effectively owned by the family for 2 generations has a turnover of 340 millions Euro, employs 1,200 people, has 7 production units, 12 commercial branches and exports most of its production to over 160 countries.

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Pedrollo Group carefully preserves its identity as an Italian company in the five continents, with a global reach, adapted to a highly globalized market, but keen to support the development of its own territory. The company manufactures all its products in Italy and has commercial subsidiaries all over the world. Faithful to its ethics, Pedrollo Group has always considered water - by nature the "source of life" - as a very precious essential good that cannot be reduced to the level of a simple commercial product, the company has therefore always favored access to water for the health and well-being of the greatest number.
The numerous and large orders the company receives from all over the world provide economies of scale, whereas the finished product is both profitable for the company and close to the customers’ needs. Thanks to the group's policy, the superior quality of the products and the significant investments in research and development, Pedrollo Group can market its pumps, which are extremely reliable and top of the range, at a fair and accessible price, even for the most disadvantaged regions of the planet.


Over the years Pedrollo has expanded its product offer in water transportation, in the transformation of applied energy with the backing of acquisitions and skills in the fields of alternators, electronics, software, etc… Complementary companies joined the Group, which currently has twelve subsidiaries, such as Linz Electric, Gread Elettronica, City Pumps, Panelli and the American Superior Pump.


Innovation plays an increasing role in the pump sector: the processes of capturing and conveying water pose problems of various kinds that require original solutions involving electronics, mechanics and advanced materials. The success of Pedrollo all over the world is due to its great capacity for innovation driven by a constant effort in research and development. These efforts are dedicated above all to the technical improvement of the facilities and to the research and design of original solutions in the fields of mechanics, design, electronics and human skills.


Through its «Pedrollo4People» initiative, the company enhances its role as a partner in solidarity with developing countries. Pedrollo wants to preserve and transmit its heritage, based on the principle that water is a good that belongs to everyone, which must be available for humanity, especially where this good is rare and valuable. The company’s employees operating in Italy and abroad all carry these values, making it the pride of the family.


Since the foundation of Pedrollo in 1974, Silvano Pedrollo has never stopped, with his children Alessandra and Giulio, developing the company seeking every day to face the fundamental global challenges to contribute to economic growth, the well being of people and the safeguarding of the planet – now more than ever.


Foundation of Pedrollo S.p.A. and establishment of the first markets in the Middle East.


Inauguration of the first, historical branch: Pedrollo France.


Pedrollo takes control of the Inox Pompe company, founded in 1990 and specialized in Made in Italy electric pumps. In 2004 the company becomes City Pumps Srl.

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Linz Electric S.p.A., founded by Giulio Pedrollo, is established to produce alternators and rotating machines to diversify products and markets.


The company looks East and opens a new branch in the Balkans: Pedrollo Romania.


Pedrollo strengthens its position in the European market with the opening of a third branch in Hungary: Pedrollo Hungaria.


Foundation of the fourth subsidiary in Dubai, UAE : Pedrollo Gulf, to expand the market and strengthen the fight against counterfeiting.


Euro Pump Co.Ldt, the Thai investee company, is established.


Opening of a new branch in South America : Pedrollo Mexico.

Consolidation of South-American Market with the Pedrollo Colombia subsidiary.


Pedrollo enters with a stake in S.C. Gread Elettronica Srl, founded in 1985, which designs and manufactures industrial electronics.

Shareholding in Ergad Technology Srl, founded in 2004 in Romania and affiliated to Gread Elettronica Srl for electronic design and production.


Incorporation of Pedrollo Group with President Silvano Pedrollo and Managing Directors Alessandra and Giulio Pedrollo.


The market in South America expands with the foundation of a new subsidiary: Pedrollo Guatemala.


The market in Europe is consolidated by the opening of a new subsidiary in Germany: Pedrollo Deutschland GmbH.

Takeover of Panelli Srl, an historical Italian company specialised in submersible pumps.


Takeover of the Saint Paul-based (Minnesota) American company Michel Sales Co, founded in 1999, and of the Superior Pump brand.


Consolidation of European Market with Pedrollo Polska subsidiary.