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Nabeya today :

In 2020, NABEYA celebrates the 460th anniversary year of its founding.

The head family “Shigemasa Okamoto” started the casting business in Gifu city in 1560.

Before the era of modernization started in Japan, NABEYA’s main products were temple bells, incense burners for shrine or temple.

After the latter half of 19th century, they changed to cooking pans, charcoal irons and casting items for industrial machine according to the change of time.
At present, head office is still located in Gifu city. 190 employees is working.

Jig unit for metal cutting, levelling jacks for supporting electronic microscope, semiconductor-device, inspection device, and vibration isolation item are being manufactured mainly in order to contribute the automation, process integration and labor saving.

Our management philosophy are “Value creation” “Sound management” and “Adapting to the times”. We try to contribute to our society by serving the value to our employees and customers, and aim to run our business according to the change of times.

Our production policy is “TECHNO-CRAFT”. It means the fusion of technology and craftsmanship. By fusing three core pillars “Development of technicians”
”Utilization of 3D digital engineering” and “Improvement activities”, we aim to proceed quick delivery with high-mix, small lot production system.

By the way, NABEYA is still producing “temple bell” (one piece per year) in order to keep and develop the technic with traditional way and appeal it to outside people.

In 2020, the company celebrates its 460th anniversary and now aim to become a 500 years company   continuing to serve the value for society, the customers and our employees on the basis of our management philosophy.


Nabeya started casting business by Shigemasa Okamoto in Gifu city.



5th Okamoto Sadatsugu received the approval for casting manufacturing from the court.



Cast iron cauldron was exported to Europe and Southeast Asia by 13th Okamoto Sadamitsu.



After World War II, 14th Okamoto Sadaatsu was asked to manufacture a lot of temple bells to
pray for world peace from all over Japan.(Delivered 309 temple bells in total)



15th Okamoto Sadaharu started to export bench vises to American company “Sears”.
Cumulative Shipments: 5.2 millions



Main items were changed to jig and fixture parts for precise machining.



Main factory for precise machining was completed.



Sale office in China was established.



Vibration isolation business was started.



ISO 9001 certification was obtained.



Division to manufacture aircraft parts was joined to Nabeya Group.