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Okaya today :

13th President of Okaya & Co., Ltd. Tokuichi Okaya is also President of Okaya Estate Co., Ltd.

Since the establishment of a business in 1669, Okaya has always upheld the motto:“Value trust, and change with the times.”

The Okaya Group consists of 72 subsidiaries ( 34 in Japan, 38 abroad) and the annual turnover is 876 billion yen.

Our company is called “Okaya Kou-ki” in Japanese. The character of "Kou" means steel and "Ki" means machinery. These two segments, Iron & Steel Segment and Industrial Machinery & Materials Segment, form the two wheels of our business. In the first segment, we handle such as steel sheets, reinforcing steel, building steel materials, specialty steels. On the other segment, we do also such as various manufacturing equipment, mounting component, cutting tools, resin materials. The total turnover of both segments account for approximately 70% of the entire Okaya Group.

In addition, we have another two segments, the first one is Information & Electronics Segment that handles products such as cutting-edge electronic components and semiconductors, various control systems, and nonferrous metals, and the second one is Living Related Products Segment that handles foods such as herring roes, octopus, and chicken which are familiar to consumers. In this segment, we also develop real estate such as detached houses and condominium apartments.

In these four business fields of Iron & Steel, Industrial Machinery & Materials, Information & Electronics, and Living Related Products, we have obtained trust and achieved outstanding results on-site worldwide as the “best global sourcing partner” that contributes to manufacturing

The second company “Okaya Estate Co., Ltd”, its turnover is 1.8 billion yen. It is a reliable and solid real estate company which is involved in insurance activity, as well as building, housing and parking rental.

The president, Tokuichi Okaya has been the chairman of Nagoya Building Association since 1996.

His son, Takehiro Okaya is a senior managing director of Okaya & Co., Ltd. and will be appointed as president on March 1, 2021 He is also a board member of Okaya Estate Co., Ltd.


The history of OKAYA began in 1669, when Sosuke Okaya established a trading concern in Nagoya, Japan. Since then, and throughout its 335 years of history, OKAYA has evolved into a global trading company. This growth was made possible by the loyalty of its valued customers, a sound management and the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees.


Okaya Shoten Co., Ltd. was founded.


The corporate name was changed to Okaya & Co., Ltd.


Tokyo Office (presently company headquarters) was relocated to the Shin Marunouchi Building.


Inauguration of Okaya Inc in the United States.


Annual turnover exceeded 100,000,000,000 yen.


Established a subsidiary in Thailand (Siam Suriya Co., Ltd.).


Established a subsidiary in Singapore (Okaya Singapore Pte. Ltd.).


Okaya Building (Head Office) was built.


OKAYA Tokuichi becomes President of the Group.


I.P.O. listed on the NSE-2nd section (corporate capital was increased to 7.852 billion yen).


Transferred to NSE-1st section (corporate capital was increased to 9.128 billion yen).


ISO14001 certification obtained


Established a branch office in Manila, Philippines


Established a subsidiary in Seoul, Korea (Okaya Korea Co., Ltd.)


ISO9001certification obtained
Joined "The Henokiens", Association


Established a subsidiary in Guangzhou, China (Okaya Guangzhou Co., Ltd.)
Established a subsidiary in Tianjin, China (Okaya Tianjin Co., Ltd.)
Established a branch office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Established a subsidiary in Beijing, China (Okaya Beijing Co., Ltd.)
Established a subsidiary in Poland (Tokai Okaya Manufacturing Sp. z o.o.)


Established a subsidiary in Bangkok, Thailand (Okaya Thailand Co., Ltd.)
Established a subsidiary in Mexico (Mex Okaya-TN, S. de R.L. de C.V.)


Established a subsidiary in India (Okaya & Co., India Pvt. Ltd.)


Established a branch office in Dubai, U.A.E


Established a subsidiary in Vietnam (Vina Steel Center Co., Ltd.)
Established a subsidiary in Vietnam (Vina Okaya International Co., Ltd.)
Established a subsidiary in Indonesia (PT. Okaya Indonesia)


Established a subsidiary in Brasil (Okaya Do Brasil Comercio Ltd.)


Established a branch office in Mexico


Established a subsidiary in Malaysia (Okaya International (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.)


JIS Q 9100 certification obtained