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250 years preparing the future.

For two centuries and a half, Pinto Basto Group has been owned by the same family.
Having started its activity as merchants, the Pinto Basto family was linked to the transport activity from an early age to ensure their own supplies. During the more than two centuries of history, many were the areas of activity in which the company was present, from tobacco contracts to the porcelain industries. However, it is in transport that our line of continuity is found.

The success and prestige achieved by Pinto Basto throughout its history have always been based on one key concept: a pioneering spirit. Ever since its establishment, Pinto Basto has always been in the forefront of the major events that shaped the history and development of Portugal.

Guided by high standard moral values transversal to the entire company, we define our ethics as Rigor and Excellence, Sense of Social Responsibility, Team Spirit and Creative Dynamism. This, combined with a focus on maintaining the employees fully motivated and exposed to continuous learning, Pinto Basto has reached an outstanding position in the domestic market, in terms of results, innovating capacity and ability to lead changes in its sector.

Based on five branches of activity – Logistics, Shipping Agents, Liner Services, P&Is Clubs and International Commerce – Pinto Basto Group offers different services bound by a strong commitment to high quality, rigorousness, excellence and a deep sense of social responsibility. The Group’s driving force is the service rendered to its customers.


International freight forwarding and groupage services are effective rendered services, using the long-term cooperation with worldwide partners.
Both at origins or destinations, we are able to offer for pick and packing, customs, bonded warehousing, inspections, documentation management, hinterland transports by road or rail with deliveries to final buyers/consumers.

Shipping Agents

Today, the Pinto Basto Group assures to its clients a top-quality service in all the Iberian Peninsula, Angola and Mozambique. Our presence in all ports and the experience acquired throughout the centuries as agents of all kinds of vessels – tankers, dry bulkers, cruise ships, general cargo and RORO vessels, etc.

Liner Services

Container, Conventional and Roll-on Roll-off Cargo.
With a vast experience in shipping and a wide range of services offered by the shipowners we represent, our agencies can offer personalized products to each and every one of our customers.

P&I Clubs

Pinto Basto represents the greater part of the international ship-owners’ mutual insurance associations, the majority of which belong to the “International Group”.
The scope and coverage of services provided includes protection for ship owners in various situations, namely third party liability insurance, which includes coverage for the following: malfunctions, misplaced cargo, personal injury or damage to property, break downs as a result of collisions or wash damage, removal of cargo or ships, costs relating to life saving and support for shipwreck victims, loss of personal effects, fines and compensation due to pollution for which we offer retrieval support and repayments. As a preventive measure, we also offer consulting and assistance services.

International Commerce

We develop our work in all fundamental areas so that we are aware of the market’s evolution being present in a competitive way: research, negotiation and management of suppliers, stock and warehouse management, market study and analysis, international commerce legal advisory and support, following and supervising supply routes, creating custom labels.

We know who we are and our history and we keep our eyes in the future.
You say what we know how.


It all started with António Ferreira Pinto, a man from Basto who started doing business on his own. This was the origin of the name Pinto Basto.
His younger brother, Domingos joined the import and export business and together gave the first steps in establishing the family company in Oporto. The main products commercialized were wine, sumac, cereals, among others.


The company became larger, business prospered through different areas.
In this year, the family company gained the tobacco and soap contract – which represented a special contract between a company and the Portuguese government allowing Pinto Basto to exclusively transport and commercialize these products.
In that same period, a ship named Trocador owned by Pinto Basto started a route from Portugal to Brazil and back transporting all kind of products. Since the Portuguese Court was installed in Rio de Janeiro there was a lot of correspondence between Portugal and Brazil.

Since some members of the family lived in England, the commercial relationships in this country straightened and Pinto Basto was part of the transport of goods from England to all over the world.


The two brothers (Teodoro Jr. and Eduardo) established in Lisbon the company which in 6 years was already considered a reference as an agent in the city. The Group headquarters is until today placed in Cais do Sodré in Lisbon linked with the long- lasting tradition of agents being established there.


José Ferreira Pinto Basto built one of the most lasting enterprises, named Real Fábrica de Porcelana, Vidraria e Processos Químicos da Vista Alegre, today Vista Alegre – the most iconic Portuguese porcelain factory. The whole project had in consideration the wellbeing of employees and were offered many services meant to promote a better life to all involved.
Dealing with many countries, with lots of products and cargo, the offspring of José Ferreira Pinto Basto became responsible of different undertakings from all points of Portugal. Although the family was involved in some aspects of the Portuguese politics, that was always secondary. The focus was the administration of their investments.

In 1933 Five Destroyers were supplied by Pinto Basto to the Portuguese Navy.


In the year of 1971 was the celebration of the 200 years of the “House Pinto Basto”, with the presence of important politicians and other public figures.


Pinto Basto Group, wins the prize “Best Customer of the Year” of Lisbon Port.


With Bruno Pinto Basto Bobone, an international strategy was outlined with the aim of consolidating the group by investing in different markets.
In 2002 was the opening of the Angola office, in 2008 the opening of Pinto Basto Ibérica (Madrid), and Pinto Basto Asia (Hong Kong) and in 2012 Pinto Basto Moçambique.
Today Pinto Basto has a strong presence in Spain, Angola and Mozambique and has businesses all over the world.


“Casa Pinto Basto” celebrated 250 years, at Picadeiro Real.
A great event where Pinto Basto was distinguished with the “Ordem do Infante D. Henrique” by the President of the Portuguese Republique, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. The Order of Infante D. is awarded for relevant services to Portugal and for services in the expansion of the Portuguese culture, its history and its values (with a particular focus on its maritime history).