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The Company Today


The Monzino Group

At the moment the Monzino group includes a Holding, Monzino S.p.A., which manages and coordinates the controlled companies Mogar Music S.p.A. and Carisch S.p.A.

  • Mogar Music S.p.A. operates in the import, export and distribution in the sector of musical instruments in Italy, with offices in France and Spain.

  • Carisch S.p.A. operates in the editorial sector with musical publications and in the production, import and distribution of musical instruments and audio equipment. It has branch offices in France and Spain and distributes its publications in 40 countries worldwide.

Monzino S.p.A. also has a joint participation in Gewa Med S.r.l. for the distribution in Italy of the products of Gewa Gmbh.

A board of directors manages the Group and it includes Antonio VII, as President, his brother Alberto, as member of the board, alongside other external managers. Four family branches are part of the company with members of the seventh and eight generation, after the signing of the family agreement in 2002 which regulated the relations between the partners and the companies and laid down the governance regulations of the Group.

Since 2002 some members of the eighth generation have actively joined the company. To date there are two members and a relative-in-law of the seventh generation and three family members and a relative-in-law of the eighth generation.


Key Dates of the
Company's History


Antonio Monzino (I) founded the Casa Monzino in Milan in Contrada della Dogana, where the instruments with harmonic strings were produced and sold.


Antonio Monzino (I) is replaced by Giacomo Monzino. Violin and guitar teacher, he left several pedagogical documents and important compositions.


Antonio Monzino (III) succeeded his father Giacomo. He will incredibly increase the activities of the family handcraft business.


Antonio Giacomo (V) became the manager of the company. His constant search for innovation leads to the creation of new instruments. Active promoter of the cultural life of the times, he is one of the founding members and President of the Società Orchestrale della Scala, of which Giuseppe Verdi became honorary member in 1888.


Antonio (V) and Adele, the children of Antonio Giacomo (V), joined the company. Antonio (V) founded a string instrument production unit together with the lute-maker Enrico Ventura. Thanks to an exclusive contract, he can benefit from the help of the lute-makers Romeo and Riccardo Antoniazzi and their pupils Erminio Farina and Carlo Riva.


The business name of the company becomes "Antonio Monzino e Figli".


Creation of the General Partnership "Antonio Monzino e Garlandini" with head office in Via Larga.


Antonio Monzino (VI) became the manager of the company after the passing of his grandfather and after completing his studies at the School for Making Stringed Instruments of Markneukirchen and Mirecourt.


With Antonio VII the business name of the company becomes "Monzino S.p.A." and the fifth member of the seventh generation joins the company.


The new company Mogar Music S.p.A. is created.


The Foundation Antonio Carlo Monzino is created. Its aim is to keep and pass down the heritage linked to the history of the family.


Signing of the family agreement which lays down the governance regulations of the Group and the acquisition of the Group Warner Chappel of Carisch, musical editor since 1887.


Creation of the company Gewa Med S.r.l., in partnership with the German company GEWA Gmbh.


Creation of the company Monsound S.r.l. to enter the new market through the development of the production of professional audio products.


Carisch becomes a Joint Stock Company; acquisition of the audio professional sector of Monsound with the objective of creating an industrial pole of the Group and at the same time the company MMB (My Music Brand) is created for the separated management of the brand names of the Group.

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